Serie C (Girone A)


29/02/2024 10:06
@Lorenzo Vaninetti
You had to ask!
I've messaged you privately, but in case anyone else is wondering.
Gianni Manzun multi-accounted and sacked all of your youth players to improve his own youth academy ranking.  *beep* cry and accuse me of wild things to try and divert attention from himself but Gianni Manzun is a 100% cheat and the only who benefitted from the Sondrio Calcio scandal. 
Unfortunately he's deleted most of my historical posts, that's why you had to ask your question.

@Gianni Manzun
Not a fan of free speech are you?
I let people see your juvenile posts and let people come to their own opinions.  You apparently don't want to dignify people by letting them read my messages, only yours eh?

Deleting so many of my past posts is further evidence of your guilt, trying to cover your tracks and also shows your true level of immaturity.
I don't need to delete your posts,  They just make you look worse anyway 

I'll keep posting this if you delete it, in fact, its better for me if you do because it'll keep your cheating in the spotlight when I re-post again :)

Qualcuno ha voglia di raccontarmi, anche in privato, cos'è successo al Sondrio negli ultimi anni di gioco? 
Una volta, prima che decidessi di smettere di giocare causa continue truffe (a quanto pare succedono ancora), era uno squadrone ed era gestito alla grande da Sebastiano. Ora è un cumulo di macerie e ho letto qui nel ritrovo qualcuno che lo citava in questi ultimi giorni. Non voglio fare polemiche ne puntare il dito, quel che è fatto è fatto e tanto questo è solo un gioco, voglio solo sapere la storia che ha portato ad oggi. Essendo la squadra di FMO più vicina a dove abito ne sono sempre stato un pochino geloso e per tanto tempo ho invidiato Sebastiano perchè il suo metodo mi piaceva davvero molto, quindi spero qualcuno abbia piacere nel perdere qualche minuto per raccontarmi del declino. 
27/02/2024 17:01
Because 1 of 3 three things happen when you release a player on the DE Server:

1- They become free agents
2- They retire
3 -They get automatically assigned to an N.N. club

For the 1/3 that become free agents, by signing and releasing them again. There's a 2/3 chance that they'll no longer be free agent, but option 2 or 3 happens to the player instead.

I'm hoping that FMO will force all players to retire or to be automatically be reassigned (I prefer option 3 myself). That way the cheating will stop and everyone will return to the transfer market and we can have a fair game concentrating on football management again.
Scusa, avevo capito che li hai venduti a 0 cr.
Invece hai rescisso il contratto...
Ma a cosa è servito, visto che ora sono di nuovo tra gli svincolati?
27/02/2024 16:02

Yes, I released these for free. Here's a screenshot to prove it:

27/02/2024 15:50
Lascia perdere Pietro, ancora non hai capito con chi abbiamo a che fare?
Peter, quindi mi stai dicendo che quei giocatori in lista che hai venduto, sono stati venduti gratis?scusami ma non posso crederci. Erano sicuramente giovani e     sicuramente si sarà creata un'asta....
27/02/2024 15:15
I can keeping re-posting this all season long if you keep deleting it Gianni. x3

@Gianni Manzun

It seems like you've been a naughty boy again! I thought after your Sondrio Calcio episode you would have learned, but no!

Are you enjoying your new CA?   Antonio Domingos, 17, 79 ?

It's lovely for the now unmanaged Leixões FC to have sacked their star youth player so that you can sign him for nothing.

After looking at Leixões FC after your temporary control of them, I've also been able to sign a player from them too. Thanks for that!

Galaktion Katranas CD, 19, 73 

Also there is another player, Ricardo Travassos, AD, 17, 75 that you've sacked that you're no doubt waiting for from this match report:

How do you feel knowing that all your contemporaries know that you're a cheat? 

You are exposed again and I will continue to expose you when cheat.

This has also been reported to FMO.

27/02/2024 15:06
@Gianni Manzun

So you're a cheat and you refuse to stop cheating because you're not good or honourable enough to play fairly.

Fair enough, at least we all know what you are :)
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