Serie A Italia


Anche qui siamo in linea col calcio vero quindi 😆
Manco pe gnente 🤣
15/11/2023 23:08
Sorry, my fault.  I'm English and not clever enough to speak Italian!

It's a real shame about the state of the Italian server with all of the cheaters getting away with it and prospering. I'm guessing you've all come to terms with it and carry on in spite of it?
Ma siete tutti inglesi ? 😂
I have already reported the olimpiacon account several times, probably the programmers are not interested in solving this problem. At this point I'm trying to live with it. However he is not very good as a manager, even though he has been cheating for a long time, because it is only the second champions league he has won! :-)
11/11/2023 19:54
The Olimpiacon manager Pier Franco clearly is a multi accounting cheat.

Just looking at just one of his players:

Joshua Jakob, AS, 17 years old and 78 tech signed on 9th November from AC Altach, who conveniently has a very new manager.

The "Transfer" didn't even make the Greece transfer statistics page, as it was under 453.513. There was, of course no "transfer". It's certain he was sacked by AC Altach, so he could sign him for free.

This will also be reported to FMO

11/11/2023 15:51

I hope so too. The longer this is allowed to continue, the more genuine managers will be affected, as he will be in Serie B next season and left unchecked straight into Serie A the season after that!
10/11/2023 21:31
I hope that the programmers take action to kick him out of the game.
10/11/2023 18:16
By looking at the German transfer statistics page this season,

I wonder if anybody can identify the multi-accounting cheat currently in Serie C (Girone B)?

I'll give you a clue, he's just managed to build a 5 star stadium. I wonder where he got the money from? ;)

03/11/2023 13:55
Huge cheating going on in Serie C (Girone B)

For anyone who is interested, look at Serie C (B)'s  transfer activity & current wage bills.

Serious multi-accounting happening, I'm amazed that they thought it wouldn't be noticed!

This will be reported to FMO
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